Are Dental Crowns Worth the Expenditure?

Are Dental Crowns Worth the Expenditure?

March 1, 2021

A single discolored or damaged tooth in the aesthetic zone in your mouth can impact your self-confidence. Furthermore, the front teeth play a critical role in your life. When they are damaged, you can expect your health to be affected along with them.

Thankfully methods to improve your situation are available because dentists can fit you with a dental crown for front teeth indistinguishable from your natural teeth. Dental crowns make a world of difference to how you feel when interacting with people in professional and social environments.

This article looks at dental crowns and their costs, considering whether it is indeed worth spending your hard-earned money on the restoration of a front tooth.

What Is the Role of Your Front Teeth?

You have four incisors on your top and bottom jaw. The incisors have sharp edges suitable for biting, which you use to cut your food into chew-sized bites. You also have four canines on the top and bottom jaw in the corners of your mouth, helping you grip and cut some foods like meat to convert them into bite-sized pieces.

Your smile is not the only casualty whenever you have a missing front tooth. The missing tooth affects your speech and may cause you to lisp because your tongue sticks into the gap, preventing them from making articulate sounds. Missing teeth from any part of your mouth can cause your other teeth to shift and become loose, resulting in changes to your bite and damage to the surrounding teeth. Health issues like missing out on adequate nutrition also affect you. Even if you have a severely damaged tooth may experience sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures and develop gum infections spreading toxins throughout your body.

How Do You Resolve Problems with Damaged Front Teeth?

When you have damaged front teeth, your initial reaction would be to visit the emergency dentist near you for a solution thinking they have a magic wand to give you a replacement tooth. However, you will do well to research dental crowns fitted on top of your natural tooth to encase it entirely.

The tooth crown procedure in Poway requires a couple of appointments with the dentist because the tooth needing the restoration needs preparation and the crown customized for you in a dental laboratory. However, you won’t have to display the damaged tooth after the preparation process because the dentist gives you a temporary crown to cover the prepared tooth.

The Procedure for Having Dental Crowns

The dental crown procedure is intensive, requiring grinding down your natural tooth to accommodate the customized restoration. As you want the crown for your front teeth, you can choose porcelain crowns suitable for the location. The suggestion provided considers the restoration site and helps not affect your aesthetic appearance. However, if you want stainless steel or gold crowns on your front teeth, you can discuss the matter with your dentist, who will happily accommodate your request.

The crown procedure requires extensive enamel removal to accommodate your customized crown. The process is uncomfortable, and you are administered anesthesia to ensure you are comfortable. After grinding down your tooth, the dentist takes impressions for the dental laboratory before fitting you with a temporary crown.

You must schedule another appointment with the dentist when the dental laboratory returns your customized restoration to them. The meeting is for removing your temporary crown and bonding the permanent restoration in place. Completing the dental crown procedure allows you to restore your damaged tooth to full functionality.

What Is the Cost of Dental Crowns?

The dental crown costs depend on your geographic location, the dentist’s experience, the type of crown you have chosen, and any other treatments you need when having the restoration in your mouth. However, you can expect to pay around $ 800-$ 1700 or more per tooth for a crown.

Some reimbursement may arrive from your dental insurance provider, but it makes sense to verify ahead of time before you arrive at a decision. The cost of dental crowns may seem like a lot of money for a single tooth in the aesthetic zone of your mouth. However, if you consider how dental crowns can protect your oral and overall health, we are confident you will consider having the restoration to appear your smiling best even when you have damaged front teeth in your mouth merely because you have it restored with crowns.

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