Full Mouth Rehabilitation-all You Need To Know

Full Mouth Rehabilitation-all You Need To Know

June 2, 2022

Full mouth reconstruction is a process. It focuses on rejuvenating, rebuilding, or rehabilitating teeth, jaws, and gums. Various treatments and procedures are carried out in a patient’s mouth over several months. A full mouth reconstruction is based on existing teeth and gum structure. It aims to improve your smile’s function, health, and beauty.

The process involves various procedures which, when combined, achieve excellent results. They include orthodontics, extraction, TMJ treatment, root canal therapy, and corrective jaw surgery. Teeth cleaning, whitening, veneers, fillings, crowns, dentures, dental implants, or bridges are inclusive. Read on for more about full-mouth dental rehabilitation.

What Are the Steps Involved in Full Mouth Reconstruction?

The first step in this extensive dental procedure is to schedule a consultation with our dentist in Poway. During the appointment, the dentist and patient discuss the concerns for treatment. They also discuss the desired goals and how quickly the results can be seen. In addition, they will discuss the patient’s dental health, medical history, and current medication.

Lifestyle habits such as smoking must also be addressed since they affect the process by inhibiting healing. Next, the dental expert will conduct a comprehensive exam. It will encompass the mouth, neck, and head. The exam helps them check the condition and appearance of the teeth bite alignment and the state of the gums.

Next, the dentist will take records and impressions of the oral cavity. X-rays and intraoral scans help reveal hidden areas and serve as a reference later. The expert will create a treatment plan. It will be based on the exam results, individual dental health goals, and needs. The dentist will explain the procedures and treatments required to get a set of healthy, beautiful teeth.

You will know the expected time frame, costs, and the number of visits needed to complete treatment. Finally, the treatment will begin. The dentist may perform multiple procedures in one visit under anesthesia. On the other hand, they may choose to spread out the treatments over several months. The decision is based on the treatment timeline and the particular procedures.

Who Needs Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Various people have multiple problems in their mouths. Most need to be treated comprehensively to improve function and esthetics. For example, they may have numerous teeth missing for a long time. This causes the remaining teeth to shift. Others may have teeth with large fillings that are failing, decayed, or cracked.

The process is suitable for people who have had dental trauma. This happens mainly if it causes their teeth to shift out of alignment, break, chip, crack, or fall out. Patients with advanced periodontal disease can also benefit significantly from total mouth rejuvenation. The dentist will treat the symptoms of the infection and restore lost teeth.

Patients with bruxism or who have excessively worn down teeth need this reconstruction. Individuals with chronic jaw and tooth pain leading to inflamed or sore muscles and joints also need treatment. Those with locked and disposition jaws also require full mouth reconstruction. It will help restore function and ease symptoms like migraines and TMJ pain.

Some individuals are born with conditions that require extensive dental restorations. These conditions include Ameliogenesis, Ectodermal Dysplasia, and Dentinogenesis Imperfecta. Patients with such issues need treatment from highly trained and experienced dental professionals.

Benefits of Full Mouth Rehabilitation

  • A full-mouth dental rehabilitation is different from a smile makeover. But, it helps restore your smile’s beauty and function. The dentist rejuvenates the mouth with each treatment for a natural-looking smile.
  • You are assured of better oral health after the rehabilitation. Each tooth is restored with the primary goal of improving the patient’s oral health. Issues such as overcrowding which affect oral hygiene, are resolved.
  • The process relieves persistent migraines and headaches resulting from bruxism or TMJ disorder. Your quality of life is restored when the consistent aches are alleviated.
  • Your facial appearance is enhanced through the treatments. For example, missing teeth will replace natural-looking restorations that help maintain your facial structure.

Do you desire a full mouth reconstruction in Poway? Please schedule a consultation with us at North County Dental Group. Our dental health professionals will work to facilitate the best possible outcome for your smile.

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