What Are the Functions of Dental Crowns?

What Are the Functions of Dental Crowns?

April 1, 2021

Are you considering getting a dental crown for your damaged teeth? Then you need to know of the benefits these dental devices come with. Dental crowns can be placed over one or more of your teeth. The emergency dentist near you uses crowns to strengthen a damaged tooth as a restorative option or use it for aesthetic reasons to improve a tooth’s appearance.

Another good thing is that emergency dental crowns come in different colors and shades and can be adjusted to match your natural teeth’ original color. This makes it very unlikely for your friends and family to realize that you have a crown.

Uses of Dental Crowns

Here are several uses of dental crowns.

Restoration and Protection

The North County Dental Group dentists use dental crowns to restore the looks and functions of a worn-out tooth. Mostly, dental decay is the reason for eating out most teeth.

For instance, the dentist can use dental crowns to restore a patient’s tooth following endodontic treatment, such as root canal therapy. Such treatments involve removing the pulp tissue which holds the nerves and blood vessels and then the space filled with a protective material to prevent further infection.

This treatment leaves the tooth weaker and brittle than the original, so it’s more susceptible to breakage. Placing a dental crown over the treated tooth strengthens it, protecting it from future breakage.

A crown can also be used on a cracked tooth, holding the parts together, thus preventing it from completely breaking.


The dental crown procedure can be used as a strengthening feature for other dental devices, like bridges and dentures. An example is when dentists use crowns on two healthy teeth on both sides of a missing tooth. These crowns provide anchor points to hold the artificial; bridge to hold firmly.

However, the procedure has become less common after the introduction of dental implants. Implants will need a top crown fitted on the titanium pole but do not need dental work on the surrounding teeth.


Tooth appearance is important to many people because it alters the smile, contributing to an individual’s overall confidence. Crown provides a cap solution to cover a broken, discolored, or chipped tooth, improving its appearance. The emergency dentist near you also uses crowns when dental veneers are not a good option for the patient.

A crown is also used to cover a tooth with a large filling, where only a tiny part of the original tooth remains. The crown procedure is necessary because a tooth veneer cannot be issued for long-term purposes with a small portion of the tooth remaining. An advantage of crowns is that they offer full tooth coverage, altering the size, shape, and tooth color.

Another instance where crowns improve the appearance is when they cover a discolored tooth filling, giving it a more natural look. When used to cover an implant, crowns significantly improve the tooth appearance in your mouth.

Dental Crowns for Children

Did you know that dental crowns are also occasionally used with baby teeth? These are temporary because they will eventually fall out as the child loses the milk teeth. Dental crowns are issued for milk teeth for the following reasons.

  • Save an excessively damaged tooth that cannot support a dental filling
  • Protect a tooth at a high risk of decay
  • Reduce the frequency of ever needing general anesthesia.

Since dental crowns for milk teeth are temporary and are set to fall out with the shedding of teeth, Stainless steel crowns are the most recommended for children.

Some Benefits of Dental Crowns

An emergency dental crown repair has the following benefits to the user.

  • Improved Chewing

When you lose a damaged tooth, chewing and eating are definitely affected. Modern materials used to make dental crowns are hard and highly durable, so there are no restrictions on the food you can eat.

  • Protection

Emergency dental crowns cover an existing damaged tooth or an implant. It completely covers the top part of the tooth. When used to cover fractured or chipped teeth, there is more protection from further bacterial and physical damage.

  • Flexibility

The dental crown procedure is flexible as it’s used to address several dental concerns. Crowns can fix a lost tooth with implants or support dental bridgework. It’s also an effective treatment to reinforce a tooth following a root canal procedure.

In-House Pediatric Specialist

Dr. Jackie Calcagno is our in-house pediatric dentist at North County Dental Group in Poway. She completed a residency in pediatric dentistry after graduating from dental school. Because of her experience and training, Dr. Jackie has a special touch with children, and understands how best to cater to their specific needs.

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