What Is the Best Way to Treat Periodontal Disease?

What Is the Best Way to Treat Periodontal Disease?

February 10, 2023

Periodontal disease is infection and inflammation of the gums and bones that surround and support your teeth. In its advanced stage, it causes permanent damage to the gums and destroys the jawbone. Fortunately, gum disease can be treated or managed by a periodontist near you. Read on for the best way to treat periodontal disease.

Types of Gum Disease

There are different forms of periodontal disease, including:

  1. Gingivitis. It is a mild reversible form of gum disease that does not cause adverse damage. The symptoms include inflamed, red, and bleeding gums.
  2. Aggressive periodontitis. This form of gum disease is severe and leads to a quick loss of gum attachment. Also, you will suffer bone loss within a short period of the disease.
  3. Chronic periodontitis. It is a form of periodontitis that progresses slowly. Its symptoms manifest when the disease has advanced.
  4. Necrotizing periodontal disease. It is a periodontal disease that occurs when the gum tissue around a tooth dies. Some of the disease symptoms are a foul odor and painful bleeding gums.

The Best Way to Treat Periodontal Disease

There are several methods, and techniques periodontists use to treat gum disease. However, the best ways to treat gum conditions vary from person to person. This is because people have different medical histories and risk factors for the disease. Also, they may have other types or stages of gum disease, each requiring specialized treatment.

The expert will consider various factors before recommending a particular treatment. Then, after thorough evaluation and diagnosis, they may recommend either of the treatments below.

  1. Non-surgical Treatment

This conservative approach involves deep cleaning the teeth and using antibiotics. Next, the dentist will perform scaling, whereby they scrape off plaque and tartar from teeth and under the gums. Next, they will perform root planning which involves smoothening the root surfaces. It prevents bacteria and plaque buildup and promotes gum reattachment to the teeth.

  1. Flap surgery

Periodontal disease causes gums to separate from your teeth, forming periodontal pockets. The dentist will perform flap surgery to reduce the periodontal pockets. This eliminates bacteria hidden beneath the gums. In addition, the surgery helps gum tissue to reattach to the healthy jaw bone.

  1. Gum Grafts

Advanced gingivitis causes gum recession which exposes the tooth roots. This causes extreme sensitivity and decay-causing root canal infections. The periodontist will cover the exposed tooth roots using tissues from your body or another source. The procedure is called gum grafting.

  1. Guided tissue regeneration

It is a procedure to stimulate the regrowth of bone and tissue damaged due to gum disease. First, the expert cleans out bacteria from your gums. Then they place a natural or synthetic bone where bone loss has occurred. This material prevents infection-causing bacteria from entering the area again.

Is Periodontal Treatment Worth It?

Yes, periodontal treatment is extremely beneficial. Periodontal disease treatment in Poway, CA, helps reverse early–stage gum disease. As a result, you will avoid invasive and costly treatments in the future. In addition, the therapy relieves the symptoms of gum disease, such as pain, halitosis, and swelling.

Periodontal therapy involves the removal of dental plaque and tartar, leading to whiter teeth. It also improves your smile through procedures like gum grafts and flap surgery. In addition, the therapy enables dental restoration treatments such as dental implants. Contact us at North County Dental Group for these and more benefits of periodontal therapy.

Do I Need Periodontal Maintenance Forever?

Periodontal disease is chronic and must be controlled through periodontal maintenance. This involves multiple treatments to promote continuing attachment and prevent jaw bone loss. However, patients’ abilities to fight and control the diseases and reach o a stable point vary. Some patients may need periodontal maintenance indefinitely, while others do not.

Can Teeth Be Saved From Periodontitis?

Periodontitis affects the gums and surrounding support structures. It usually leads to jawbone deterioration and tooth loss. Fortunately, a periodontist near you can help save your teeth. They do this through various treatments at each stage of the disease.

For example, the dentist will perform scaling and root planning procedures. They eliminate bacteria and prevent them from destroying the jaw bone and leading to tooth loss. They will also perform bone grafting to increase jawbone quantity preventing tooth mobility. In addition, they may do gum grafts to prevent decay at the tooth roots, which leads to pulp infections.

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