What Is the Most Comfortable Way to Straighten My Teeth?

What Is the Most Comfortable Way to Straighten My Teeth?

January 1, 2022

Not everyone is born with perfectly straight teeth. Crooked teeth, gaps between the teeth, misalignment of the jaw, and other problems affect many people leaving them with an unattractive smile besides dental health infections needing frequent treatments from the dentist near you. If you are affected by a similar problem and want an optimal method to straighten your teeth, this article provides the information you need to overcome the challenges you encounter and have a beautiful smile like everyone else.

While providing professional guidance, your orthodontist helps you decide which teeth straightening option is best for your teeth. There are many inexpensive and efficient teeth straightening solutions currently available, and the complexity of the situation affecting you determines which option best suits your specific needs.

Please do not consider teeth straightening merely for aesthetic purposes. You may require the corrections for various reasons. For example, gaps between your teeth increase the risk of improper alignment, jaw pain, crowding, and gum disease. All the conditions are leading causes of tooth decay and plaque buildup. If you are not aware of how to proceed with teeth straightening, we have you covered by covering various teeth straightening options for your teeth.

How to Make My Teeth Straight?

If your teeth are mildly crooked or crowded, your dentist might recommend a fixed retainer instead of braces to make your teeth straight. In some cases, they might even suggest a removable retainer as part of the treatment for mildly crooked teeth.

Braces are dental appliances using pressure and control to shift and straighten your teeth gradually are optimal for teeth straightening. Misaligned or crowded teeth with significant gaps between them and jaw lines not closing over each other correctly are often treated by orthodontists using metal and wire braces.

Who Is Eligible for Teeth Straightening?

There are no eligibility criteria for teeth straightening. So long as your jaw has attained complete growth and you are committed to having straighter teeth, you can approach an orthodontist and request the treatment. After an evaluation orthodontist decides which teeth-straightening solution best suits your unique needs.

If you have mild to moderate problems with your teeth, you might be encouraged to use DIY methods to straighten your teeth. However, you will do better working with an orthodontist to find a suitable solution to straighten your teeth instead of trying unsubstantiated hacks that create more damage than any good.

Equipment’s Available for Teach Straightening

While you have the liberty to investigate various dental appliances obtainable for straightening teeth, it helps if you work with your orthodontist and let them determine the best solution for you. For example, if you need fixed braces to correct severe malocclusion and misalignment, orthodontists recommend metal braces consisting of brackets, bands, and arch wires exerting constant pressure on your teeth. However, if you are not in favor of metal braces you can choose ceramic braces working similarly and remaining fixed on your teeth for the duration of your treatment.

If neither option finds favor with you, the orthodontist offers lingual braces attached to the lingual surfaces of your teeth. Lingual braces also function similar to metal braces but remain hidden inside your mouth and are not visible to anyone.

Veneers Role in Making Teeth Straight

Dental veneers in Poway are another method you can use to straighten teeth. However, it helps if you understand dental veneers merely make superficial changes to your existing teeth without straightening them. Veneers are helpful to hide slightly crooked teeth, gapped teeth, and even discolored teeth from infections. However, orthodontist treatments are optimal and easiest if you want to achieve permanent results from teeth straightening treatments.

Is Invisalign Effective in Teeth Straightening?

Invisalign offering a series of clear, virtually invisible aligners is another method many dentists provide to straighten mild to moderate cases of underbites, overbites, crossbites, open bites, gaps between your teeth, crowding, et cetera. The treatment is effective against the situations mentioned above. However, if you have a complicated malocclusion problem, orthodontists recommend you use metal braces to straighten your teeth.

The Benefits of Invisalign Explained

If you are fortunate and eligible for Invisalign in Poway by North County Dental Group, you receive a series of plastic aligners that you wear over your teeth for 20 to 22 hours every day. Every set of aligners you receive needs replacements every three weeks with a new batch to continue the treatment. Invisalign delivers faster results straightening your teeth within 12 to 18 months if you comply with the requirements stipulated by the manufacturer. The most significant advantage of Invisalign is its removable feature allowing you to remove the aligners from your teeth when eating the foods you love or drinking your preferred beverages and maintaining good oral hygiene.

Invisalign also eliminates the need to visit orthodontists every month for adjustments because the clear aligners do not contain any metal brackets or wires. Instead, every 15 days, you merely replace the existing set over your teeth for a new batch and continue the treatment, maintaining the manufacturer’s stipulations.

If you find none of the above acceptable, you can have teeth straightening surgery from an oral surgeon to change the alignment of your teeth. Although surgical procedures give you faster results, they also have downtime, and your recovery can last for as long as 2 to 3 weeks. However, you may receive help from your dental insurer for orthodontic surgery for teeth straightening.

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