Gum Grafting in Poway, CA

Has your dentist recommended gum grafting? Are you wanting to improve the appearance of your smile? There are a couple of situations that may require you to have gum grafting. If you have any questions about gum grafting near you, talk to our dentists in Poway, CA. Our dentists near you can help.

Why Do People Need Gum Grafting?

If you aren’t familiar with gum grafting, you might be wondering why you would need it. Gum grafting helps with the effects of gum recession.

Another reason to have gum grafting is for cosmetic purposes. If your teeth are not covered properly by your gums, you may choose to have gum grafting done.

How Does Gum Grafting Work?

With many dental procedures, there are multiple ways for them to be done. In most cases, our dentists will choose the best option for your needs. Certain methods work better in certain situations.

The most popular gum grafting procedure is done using the tissue from the roof of your mouth. Our dentists will cut a flap of skin from the roof of your mouth. Then, the connective tissue is removed from below the surface.

Our dentists will then use that tissue to cover more of your teeth. This helps to prevent your gums from stretching as far as well.

Once the tissue is removed, the roof flap is stitched back into place. In some cases, donor tissue may be used. Keep in mind that this isn’t always an option.

Recovering from Gum Grafting

It’s always best to follow the advice of your dentist after a procedure. There are specific guidelines for quick and easy recovery. At North County Dental Group, you can expect a comfortable procedure and recovery with the help of our dentists.

Here are some of the guidelines you might be asked to follow after gum grafting:

  • Take prescription antibiotics
  • Use a palatal stent to protect the stitches
  • Use ice packs
  • Take pain medication
  • Avoid hot and cold foods
  • Consume liquids

Contact our dentists at North County Dental Group for more information about gum grafting.

In-House Pediatric Specialist

Dr. Jackie Calcagno is our in-house pediatric dentist at North County Dental Group in Poway. She completed a residency in pediatric dentistry after graduating from dental school. Because of her experience and training, Dr. Jackie has a special touch with children, and understands how best to cater to their specific needs.

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