In-House Pediatric Specialist

Dr. Jackie Calcagno is our in-house pediatric dentist at North County Dental Group in Poway. She completed a residency in pediatric dentistry after graduating from dental school. Because of her experience and training, Dr. Jackie has a special touch with children, and understands how best to cater to their specific needs.

Children’s Dentistry in Poway, CA

As a parent, you naturally have great concern for your child’s health. This should include their oral health. It can be a challenge, however, to make sure that your child’s teeth and gums are properly cared for, since a lot of the maintenance is up to them. At North County Dental Group, we are happy to be of assistance by offering beneficial dental services and helping to educate children on the importance of proper dental care in Poway, CA.

Children’s Oral Health Development

Babies will generally start teething at around six months of age. The rest of the baby teeth will then follow, and the child should normally have all of their baby teeth by the time they turn three. It is recommended that you take your child in for their first dental appointment when they get their first tooth, or by the time they turn one. This first visit will give your dentist at North County Dental Group a chance to examine your child’s mouth closely to check for any signs of decay or other potential problems. Your dentist or hygienist will also clean your baby’s teeth and provide you with instructions or tips on how to best look after your child’s oral health.

Dental Treatments for Children

Children can generally receive the same treatments and procedures that adults do, such as fillings and crowns. They will also need regular appointments to our dentistry near you in Poway, CA for a routine cleaning and exam to prevent the development of dental issues. There are a few dental treatments that can be particularly helpful for children:

  • Dental sealants: This treatment creates a barrier on the back molars, which can be particularly susceptible to cavities.
  • Fluoride treatment: Adults can also receive this treatment, but it can be especially beneficial for children as the mineral is very important in the healthy development of the teeth.

As part of our children’s dentistry services in Poway, CA, we also offer sedation dentistry. We understand that the dentist office can be a scary place for children, so we not only try to create a comforting, welcoming environment, but we can administer sedation as needed to ease our patients’ nerves.

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