Root Canal Therapy in Poway, CA

If you suspect (or you’ve been told) that you need root canal therapy near you, but you’ve never experienced the procedure before, the team at North County Dental Group knows that you may have questions about the treatment.

Our dentists near you are here to not only answer all of your questions about this necessary restorative dental procedure but to provide top-tier treatment.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy Near You

One of the benefits that patients appreciate the most about root canal therapy is that the pain that typically accompanies the need for treatment is gone almost immediately afterward. For reasons unknown, root canal treatment has been classified as a painful procedure when, in fact, it is successfully used to eliminate pain!

North County Dental Group has helped countless patients that are in pain from an infected tooth find the relief they’re seeking after one root canal treatment from our dentists in Poway, CA. Since our goal is to help patients like you retain their natural teeth for a lifetime, a root canal is always preferred to the only other option for an infected tooth, which is to extract it.

What to Expect During Treatment

The time required for your procedure for root canal therapy will vary based on how infected your tooth is and the infected tooth’s location. For example, a molar typically requires two hours of treatment time, whereas an anterior tooth can typically be completed in one hour.

Since successful root canal therapy is dependent on every root canal space receiving treatment, our dentists will never rush through the procedure. When you visit us for your consultation and treatment plan, our dental care team will provide you with a timeline for your specific treatment as well as what to expect post-treatment. In many cases, patients can resume their regular activity shortly after their procedure.

Ready to Learn More?

If you have a painful tooth and want to experience relief as quickly as one appointment, we’re here to help. Contact the dental care team at North County Dental Group today to learn whether root canal therapy is right for you!

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